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Chimney Services in Albany

For 365 days a year, your chimney is slowly accumulating soot, creosote, bird nests, and other debris—all of which pose health risks for you and your family. Anytime Roofing is the recommended company for all things chimney-related, whether you need a regular annual inspection, or a complete chimney rebuild.

Our qualified technicians will give you a free estimate on any repair or masonry work you need. Contact our team today at (503) 446-0918 and make sure the only thing that comes down your chimney has a white beard, red suit, and comes bearing presents.


Quality Chimney Inspections Done by the Pros

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, Level 1 chimney inspections should be done annually. Level 1 chimney inspections are the minimum requirement. Our chimney specialists will check for blockages, cracks in the brickwork, deteriorating concrete, moss, mold, moisture, leaks, and smoke damage. Our technicians complete a Level 1 inspection during every chimney sweep or cleaning we do.

In some situations, Level 2 chimney inspections need to be conducted. Level 2 inspections are more thorough than Level 1 and are required:

  • When buying a home with an existing chimney
  • If your chimney is not regularly inspected or used
  • If your chimney’s working condition and history is unknown
  • After storm damage (high winds, lightning strikes, fires, etc.)
  • Whenever making changes in the flue or fuel type of your chimney

Level 3 inspections are only necessary if we detect major safety concerns. In this case, we may need to conduct a full chimney overhaul.


Call for Affordable Chimney Cleaning

Did you know that chimney sweeping may be mandatory for your home insurance? Hire Anytime Roofing to clean your chimney, fireplace, or stove from top to bottom. Not only do we provide the most comprehensive chimney cleaning services available, but we boast the most affordable rates in Albany!

Did we mention that our sweeping chimney services come with a Level 1 chimney inspection? Our trained staff will inform you of any potential damage we find. Then we’ll give you our professional advice on the most effective and affordable solution.

Our technicians are equipped with cutting-edge digital imaging equipment that allows us to examine all the hidden crooks and crannies of your chimney. First, we send a small but powerful camera up the chimney. Next, we record video while skillfully maneuvering the camera through the chimney’s interior. That video gives us the visual evidence we need to review and assess your chimney’s working condition.


Rethinking Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds

Your chimney is an integral part of the safety of your home. But that doesn’t mean it can’t look good too! We’ve repaired and rebuilt chimneys for homeowners all over Albany. Our skilled masons love accommodating the styles of both modern and historic properties. When we restore a chimney, we maintain its beauty and its safety. On a budget? No problem. We offer free at-home estimates for all our chimney renovation work.

Chimney Sweeps That Sweep Up the Competition!

We build long-lasting, sturdy chimneys. Ask us about our protective chimney caps and waterproofing materials, designed to withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions. A safe home is a happy home. Protect your chimney and get in touch with us today.